For all the vinyl warriors…

Common Arguments For Why Vinyl Is Better Than CD

  1. Sounds more “natural”
  2. I just FEEL like it’s better
  3. I trust my ears
  4. Regardless of what the evidence says, my experience trumps it
  5. You obviously don’t “get it”

You know what these sound like? They sound like a religious person trying to hate on atheism. You don’t need evidence for faith! I know I’m right because these other people that already agree with me support my viewpoint! You just don’t understand! Carrying around vinyl is like carrying around a Bible. You WANT people to notice you so you can feel superior. You want to argue for you hipster martyrdom.

You may like vinyl’s sound. You like the emphasis on even harmonics. You like the distortion. You are used to the way analog components sound because that’s all we had for decades. That’s fine. But it does not sound more accurate, and there is no argument for it sounding more accurate that can be supported with evidence.

I’m going to quote this article ( “Some people like marmalade and some people like mustard. If people like to listen to vinyl, do so, enjoy life. But don’t say that the sound is better.”

For all the vinyl warriors…

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