Album Review: Sylosis – Dormant Heart

I saw Sylosis open for Lamb of God a few years ago.  This is what it sounded like.  This is a stripped down Sylosis.  For better or worse, the epic scale of their last couple albums has been dialed way back in favor of a very straightforward and doom-tinged sound.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the album.  It’s still a thrashing great time.  It’s still every inch Sylosis, just a less fancy, more raw version of them, with a bit more groove.
Rather than knock you on your ass with 14 layers of guitar harmonies, they choose to make you feel like stomping around to a half time groove.  Instead of ripping into a hyper-speed thrash riff, they will break it down to a tribal section.  All the stuff you love about Sylosis is still there though, don’t worry.  They just don’t use it exclusively and took some chances this time around.  I think the album is stronger for it.
They could have just kept rehashing the same style every album, but they didn’t.  I want them to keep branching out, personally.  These guys have the talent to make any kind of music they feel like, and I hope they take advantage of that. It’s no Monolith, but it doesn’t want to be, and that is just fine by me.

Listen here:



Album Review: Sylosis – Dormant Heart

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